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About Us

Hi guys! This little business of ours has been a long time in the making. We are so excited to finally meet you and tell you a little about our story.

We are Kylie, Taryn and Steff... aka the Gyoza Gurlz.

We grew up in a very large Japanese Canadian family (like, we're talking renting out a hall to have enough space for family dinners large). Good food and family get togethers have always been a big part of our lives - We can collectively say that our big family New Years dinner of home cooked Japanese food is easily the best meal of the year.

We started making gyoza 10 years ago when our Great Auntie Catherine decided to pass down her title as resident gyoza maker for New Years dinner. When she asked us to take over the role, we obviously jumped at the opportunity to learn from the sensei herself. Soon after, one of our aunties jokingly referred us as the Gyoza Gurlz... the name clearly stuck and we've been making gyoza ever since!